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Guidance on acceptable PFDs is contained in MSN1870 Amendment No.2. Lifejackets and PFDs should be regularly checked to ensure they are still functional. Note: PFDs worn around the waist that require a secondary donning action are not acceptable. Find out about the importance of wearing lifejackets while on deck at sea on the MCA website. Protecting fishermen from noise, vibration and hazardous substances Safety regulations exist to protect fishing vessel crews from noise and exposure to dangerous goods carried on board. Fishing vessel operators must comply with control of noise at work regulations, covering areas such as: impulsive noise - eg noises of short duration, occurring irregularly. Operators also have a duty to control noise on vessels, as explained in the MCA document MGN 352 (M+F) Amendment 1 control of noise at work regulations 2007. The regulations include: derogations for ships on public service, eg search and rescue risk assessments identifying sources of noise, level of risk and steps required from employers to reduce the risk to crew providing hearing protection equipment for crew crew information and training procedures on minimising the risk from noise Protection from exposure to hazardous substances Safety regulations to protect fishing vessel crews from exposure to carcinogens and mutagens are listed in the MCA document MGN 624 (M+F) Health and safety at work (carcinogens and mutagens). risk assessments required by employers for exposure to carcinogens and mutagens health risk assessment of crew - especially those at high risk The MCA has issued a safety alert, warning operators and crews to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning on fishing vessels. Petrol generators on board vessels should be checked to ensure: the equipment provides enough power for accommodation and lighting ventilation for the generator is adequate (more is needed for burners and stoves) alarms are fitted to warn sleeping crewmembers of the risk of CO poisoning escape routes are available for the crew in an emergency Download advice from The Boat Safety Scheme to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning on fishing vessels. Operators must take carry out risk assessments of hazards associated with vibration in equipment and introduce procedures to protect crews. Safety requirements to protect seafarers from vibration are set out in the MCA document MGN 353 (M+F) The Merchant Shipping and Fishing this hyperlink Vessels (Control of Vibration at Work) Regulations 2007. MGN 353 contains information about controlling the symptoms, causes and management of the risk of Hand-Arm Vibration (Annex A) and Whole-Body Vibration (Annex B). The Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seafarers Chapter 12.16 also provides details on health surveillance and health monitoring regarding vibration. There are special safety regulations governing trawling procedures - and also for fishing vessels operating outside British ports, and in submarine exercise areas. For guidance on the marking of fishing gear, retrieval and notification of lost gear please read this guidance from the Marine Management Organisation. To minimise trawling hazards, vessel operators should ensure: crew familiarity with trawling equipment and procedures closure of weathertight doors when not in use procedures are in place for recovering fouled gear Fishing vessels operating outside European ports should follow the safety guidance in the MCA document MGN 414: Fishing vessels - overseas management.


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UC Health has the region 3, 2021 at 5:10 PM EDT|Updated: 14 hours ago CINCINNATI (WXIX) - Tri-State residents who contracted COVID-19 and are still suffering symptoms weeks or months later now have a place to go for dedicated care. UC Health recently announced the Cincinnati region’s first multidisciplinary post-COVID-19 clinic, specifically intended for so-called “COVID-19 long-haulers.” Long-COVID describes a diverse array of symptoms in patients who have had COVID-19. The National Institutes of Health call the condition “post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection” or PASC. Symptoms include persistent shortness of breath, fatigue, impaired stamina, chest pain, palpitations, dizzy spells, exercise intolerance, blood pressure swings or impaired concentration. Three-fourths of COVID-19 patients will have lingering symptoms for up to four months afterward, according to Dr. Richard Becker with UC Health. Michael Flannery, a local philanthropist and former host of FOX19′s Club Nineteen, got the virus in January 2021. Flannery was put on a ventilator and, at one point, doctors didn’t think he would make it . He’s feeling better now , but he says he still isn’t 100 percent. “I get tired,” he said. “Things that weren’t hard to do get me out of breath. Occasional nightmares of not being able to breathe.” “Having prolonged symptoms after COVID is not rare,” Becker said. “Secondly, if there is a person with prolonged symptoms, there is a team of specialists that have come together to address their needs. And thirdly, for people experiencing prolonged symptoms, it’s not in your head. It’s not imaginary. We understand that it’s real and we’re here to help.” The clinic is seeing about ten new patients a week. “COVID can affect any organ of the body,” Becker explained, “so knowing that we decided the clinic would be multidisciplinary and would include a heart doctor, a lung doctor, a nerve doctor, a joint doctor, an immunologist and a dermatologist.” Flannery says he’s willing to give it a try. “At this point, a clinic like that will be taking information, and I want them to see what I’m going through so they can help people down the road,” he said.